Welcome to the Chief Data and Analytics Officer Forum Hong Kong

Facilitating action and implementation to deliver real-world, tangible data driven business results for organisations across the region.

There is a rapid transition from proof of concept and pilot data and analytics projects to more substantial initiatives in the Hong Kong data and analytics market,  particularly in light of the critical emphases on not only gaining a competitive edge, but maintaining it.

To keep ahead of your competitors, you need to be in the best possible position to confront an array of challenges and capitalise on huge opportunities to fully utilise and leverage the power of data.  The Chief Data and Analytics Officer Forum Hong Kong will bring to the forefront, the strategic issues needed to be dissected, debated and challenged to facilitate this momentum toward greater data adoption in the region.

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2 Days of high level insight and discussion
As big data usage across Asia escalates, this is a must attend event to gain the practical insights and strategies your organisation will need to leap frog the competition.



 25+ Speakers
Hear from leading Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Scientists and learn from industry leaders.



Excellent networking opportunities
Network with over 150+ likeminded industry professionals all at the vanguard of the data movement in the region.

Key issues to be covered include:

  • Data leadership and leading from the front – the key to driving greater rates of adoption
  • Embracing the power of data in strategic business decision making
  • Unlocking the keys toward greater commercially driven acceptance and the economics around data and analytics investment
  • Big data needs big players – how to build the right team if you’re serious about data and analytics
  • Embracing innovation and new technologies in a risk adverse environment
  • Addressing the challenges in organisational culture and the approaches toward sourcing the right talent
  • Identifying solutions toward common challenges relating to data management, data quality, data privacy and data security currently acting as roadblocks

“84% of Hong Kong/China respondents were more optimistic on the use of data in decision making than their regional and global counterparts”

PwC Guts and gigabytes – Global Data and Analytics Survey